For the safety of all our guests and visitors we have composed some common policies that we ask all to adhere by.  To insure that everyone has a fun and memorable stay.

Please be sure anyone staying on your site is aware of our policies.  Anyone who fails to follow them will be asked to leave.
Parents are responsible for their children's behavior, safety and whereabouts during your stay with us.

Anyone staying with us or visiting and not following our policies we do reserve the right to ask you to leave the campground without any type of refund. 

Arrivals & Departures

Check in time :  1:00pm
Please call ahead if you will not be checking in by 9pm.
Check out time : 11:00am

Deposits & Cancellations

Cancelations 14 days prior to arrival will receive a full refund less one night stay.
o    For cancellations less than 14 days before arrival date, deposit will be forfeited
o    Failure to notify and or arrive by noon of the day following your scheduled date of arrival will result in a cancellation of reservation, with no refund or credit
o    All holiday stays are non-refundable and non-transferable.
o    All seasonal reservation payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
o    Refunds are not granted for weather conditions, voluntary departure, acts of nature or evictions.


o    All visitors must check in the office.  
o    There is a $5 visitors fee per vehicle, up to 4 visitors .
o    Visitors are asked to leave by 10pm
o    Visitors must adhere to all campground policies. 


o    Failure to abide by any campground rules will be subject to eviction from the campground without refund.
o    Quiet hours are 10:00pm to 8:00am.
o    Tobacco use, smoking, vaping or electronic cigarettes are prohibited in any common areas.
o    Please keep voices low and lights should be kept at a minimum
o    Excessive noise at any time is not permitted
o    In the event that staff informs a site of quiet hour violation and any site occupant refuses to cooperate, all of the occupants of the site will be subject to eviction from the campground without refund.
o    Please report all inappropriate behavior to management.


o    limited to 2 per campsite
o    They are to be kept leashed, quiet at all times and never left unattended.
o    Please pick up pet droppings immediately and leave your campsite clean.
o    Owners will be held responsible for any damage or harm caused by pets.
o    Please be aware that if your dog(s) are aggressive, or barking or are left alone, you will be asked to leave the campground with no refund.

o    Must be purchased locally.
o    It is illegal to bring firewood into the state of Maine (to prevent the spread of insects).
o    Fires must always be attended.
o    Fires must be completely out and doused with water at the end of the evening or anytime you are away from your site.
o    Please observe any fire condition notices posted in the camp store.
o    Embers can easily be blown out of the fire pit
o    No moving of fire pits.
o    No burning trash in fire pits.
o    Do not remove branches or bark from live trees.
o    You may collect fallen dead materials.

o    No fireworks, firearms, or archery allowed.
o    Hunting is not allowed on campground premises
o    Speed limit within the campground is 5mph.
o    Unregistered motorized vehicle (i.e., ATVs, mini-bikes, dune buggies, etc.) are not allowed.
o    Bicycles - anyone riding a bike on campground premises must wear a helmet


Please make use of our Trash and Recycling Center.
o    Please sort your returnable bottles and cans.
o    Please do not put trash in fire pits.
     Please leave your site as you found it. "Leave no trace."

Ellis River

o    Swimming is allow at your own risk.  We do not have lifeguards on staff.
o    Kayaks, canoes and tubes are allowed again at your own risk
o    Fishing is allow with a Maine State fishing license
o    We ask that the beach be kept clean (please do not leave any trash or debris).

The lower sites by the river are in a flood plain. In the occurrence of flash flood warnings or torrential down pours we reserve the right for your safety to move your reservation to another site on higher ground.